Theatron 3 report now available 

The Theatron 3 project final report is now available. The report details the activities and the findings of the project, and is available as two pdfs. The first is the main body of the report. The second pdf contains the reports from the different pedagogical subprojects and appendices with technical information in them. If you have any further enquiries contact the report's editor Mark Childs.

Theatron report main body

Theatron report pedagogical projects report and appendices


Virtual Reality Cornish Medieval Drama

An article from Maga the Cornish language website about a Theatron initiative


Theatron3 Head Up Display now in Beta testing
(June 2009)

Members of the Theatron3 user group are invited to test drive the latest version of the HUD.

Now featuring a simplified notecard drop and read feature that allows users to build up a collection of virtual guides within one single HUD.

Intersted in building your own guides around the Theatron3 builds? Educators can build their own virtual guides holding up to 10 unique data points, distribute them to their students and house them with Theatron3 Databank.

Learning independence! Data points are no longer fixed in the sim, different avatars can access different views on the data for a theatre.

Active learning! Open data points allow users to browse through associated rich data at their own pace while locked data points requiring the user to actively hunt out the information within the build.

Theatron3 is your educational resource for theatre history. Explore it. Use it. Contribute to it.