Theatres can be rezzed using the Control panel.
Theatres can be rezzed using the Control panel.

How to create (Rez) a theatre


To create a theatre on Theatron island you will need to have that theatre 'rezzed'. Unless you are content to use the theatre that is currently rezzed, as indicated on the Status panel on the viewing platform.

To Rez a theatre simply scroll through the available theatres by using the left or right hand arrows on the Theatron Control Panel (pictured right). Once you have selected your theatre then point and touch 'Rez theatre'. The theatre will now be built on the island. This may take as long as ten minutes.

To avoid the necessity to wait for the Rez on demand feature you may wish to have the theatre you require pre-rezzed for you. This is particularly useful if you are working with student groups and don't want to waste time waiting for theatre availability.

Information about how to book a theatre is available on the 'Booking a theatre' page.

Theatron 3 Rezzing policy


The Theatron3 project wishes to foster the exploration of and interaction with the builds by all visitors to Theatron Island. In accordance to this aspiration Theatron Island currently permits the creation of objects within the main area of the sim (not the Viewing platform).

Current policy

All objects rezzed will be returned within 60 minutes of their creation in world, however, we would ask those rezzing objects in the sim to be respectful of other users and groups and remove their objects before they leave the sim.

Members of pre-booked groups are reminded that littering the island ("sim") with items can cause technical complications and are required to clear any items they have rezzed at the end of their session. Persistent prim littering by individuals will result in their banning from Theatron Island and associated sims.

The Theatron Island rezzing policy is continuously under review and we would remind visitors that the sim is for educational use, not a sandbox region or a place for the creation of objects for use outside of the Theatron3 project. We would draw your attention to the Second LifeTM Terms of Service which indicate expected behaviour, including within Theatron Island. Should you wish to use Theatron Island for any non-educational activity, please contact us by the methods listed below.