Building the Odeion of Pericles in Second Life
Building the Odeion of Pericles in Second Life

Technical information

Introduction - How we built Theatron3

In this section we will outline how we went about creating Theatron3.

Other technical information

Before you go further, we recommend you take some time to read this introduction which contains essential information about using Theatron3. In addition, terms about Second LifeTM or Virtual Worlds that may be unfamiliar to you are defined in the Glossary, available from the Visitor Information Panel.

The Visitor Information Panel

This panel, at Second LifeTM coordinates <6, 0, 53> contains information useful to the Theatron3 visitor. Click on the topic headings to receive information about how to get into the world and start exploring Theatron3, the Theatron3 rezzing policy and, in the Glossary, some unfamiliar terms you may encounter.

The Theatron 3 control panel

The Control Panel <9, 0, 53> allows booked groups and visitors to change the theatre or performance space currently displayed (or "rezzed") on Theatron Island.
The Theatron 3 reservation panel

The Reservation Panel <13, 0, 53> contains information on how to make a private reservation booking to give you and your group exclusive use of the Theatron3 Island (or "sim"). It also gives instructions for changing the current construction (or "build") if the island is not booked.

The Status panel

The Status Panel <14, 14, 50> shows the current status of the Theatron3 sim. More information on this panel can be found by clicking on "Getting Started".

Known issues

Theatron3 is pushing the limits of what is currently technically possible within Second LifeTM. We are constantly working to improve the user experience for our visitors. However, things do occasionally go wrong due to issues beyond our control. If you are experiencing problems that you think may be specific to Theatron3, please let us know.

Issue 1: Status panel says "Now Playing" but no build is visible from the viewing platform.
This may be due to your draw distance settings. All Theatron3 modules centre their builds in the middle of the island at coordinates X 128, Y 128 (the height of each build changes depending on the subject). You can try to either get close to the centre of the island (see "Getting Started") or by increasing your draw distance in your Second LifeTM client's "Preferences" settings, in the "Graphics" tab.

Issue 2: Status panel says "Now Playing" but the building components seem to be misplaced.
The technical limitations of the servers may occasionally cause a build to stall, leaving components misaligned in the middle of the sim. If a build does not rez properly on the first attempt, please reinitialise it using the Theatron3 Control Panel.

Issue 3: The build has rezzed but lines (red, black or blue) are moving across the sim.
These lines (or "ants" as they are known in the project) are perfectly normal part of Theatron3's rez on demand functionality. These objects create the landscape in which the build is embedded. Occasionally one of these ants will stall on the extreme east side of the sim and not remove itself, but this will not impair the performance of the sim.