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The Odeon of Agrippa

The Odeon of Agrippa in Second Life
The Odeon of Agrippa in Second Life

The Odeion of Agrippa was constructed c. 15 BC and is thought to have been dedicated to M. Vipsanius Agrippa during his visit to Athens at this time.

The building stood in a prominent position in the centre of the Agora (market place).  The chosen location is significant in that it was built on, or near to, the Archaic orchestra where the earliest known Athenian performances took place.

It is likely that the Odeion of Agrippa was built as a replacement for the Classical Odeion of Pericles which was located next to the Theatre of Dionysus on the southern slope of the Acropolis.

How do I view this theatre?

To visit the Odeon of Agrippa in Second life please navigate to the Theatron 3 viewing platform then select the theatre to be rezzed from the Control panel.